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Why you should be on Snapchat

‘Social Media is a term to describe the current state of the internet and a place where the customer’s attention is’- Gary Vaynerchuck

Just because Facebook, Instagram and other platforms have overlapping functions, it doesn’t mean they attract the same audience or value the same things. In fact if you follow both our Facebook and Instagram account you’ll notice differences in the content we post.

We use Facebook for our information-based posts. It features our course information and course dates. Instagram is where you will find our students work, funny industry-related memes and the day to day behind the scenes insta stories. Our Instagram posts are automatically posted on our Facebook & Twitter accounts.

So what other platforms are out there?

Twitter – As mentioned in the above, our Instagram posts are automatically posted to Twitter due to the sharing feature Instagram has. I will admit, we are not very active on Twitter. Apart from the odd tweet we don’t post that much. Why? Twitter is fast paced and moves quickly. On average a twitter post lasts 7 seconds before it disappears from peoples feed. You would need to be posting CONSTANTLY to even get your content seen never mind people interacting with it. So, what is Twitter good for? Networking. Joining in the conversations that other industry figures are talking about. Whether its your favourite Lash line, or a business woman/man you admire Twitter is the easiest way to engage with them.

Google+ - Google has made its own social media platform with Google+. You can post content, status updates and even follow people, however you may notice Google+ isn’t linked to another other social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram. This is because Google+ is a stand alone platform of its own. It may not be the most popular but the key reason why you should have it is because of SEO. Now I’m sure you’ve heard of SEO before and wondered what it meant. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, whenever you search for something, Google brings up a list of what it considers relevant. If you are a small business with a basic website you may not appear on the first page, or even the second or third. Factors that effect this are links on your website, content and keywords. So how does Google+ help your SEO? Google+ is owned by Google obviously, so it will always be bias. In short, if you have a Google+ account you are more likely to show up in search engine results.

You Tube – A fantastic platform if you like to vlog your treatments or do online tutorials. It can be scary at first but once you start, to make it easier why not do a time lapse video first? Share on your other social media platforms people love to see how things are done, it may even convince someone to come in for a treatment they may have never come in for.

Snapchat – If the age of your target audience is teenagers to young adults then Snapchat should be your go to social media channel. 30 second videos, filters, you can even pay for your own geo filter which people can use when in your salon. Snapchat is one of the most popular apps with over 200 million users worldwide. You can watch tv shows, where an episode is released daily, people have their own snap shows, you can add pictures to a trending topic and be featured all over the world and more and more people are paying for ads to run in between swiping through people snapchats. Snapchat for a young audience is the place to be!

Next Week....I will leave it in the hands of you guys! Send in your questions or queries

Email and I will try and answer in my blog posts. All emails and questions will be anonymous.

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