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Why I don’t like the term CEO

Hello!! It’s been a while!! I am currently sat in my garden on this wonderful* hot weekend having just got back from Portugal on Thursday.

Those who know me personally know I hate this weather and yes I’m in the shade 😎

I took a much needed break, a full week to myself, no emails, no business social media absolutely nothing and I can not recommend it enough. I am very fortunate that I have an amazing team who I know have my back and will look after things whilst I’m gone, so apart from emails and phone calls to be returned on Monday everything will still be in order. As some of you know the Academy recently had a flood and is current undergoing a refurb at the moment in certain areas - another reason why I needed the break!

Before I went away I said I was going to do a ‘day in the life of, and why I hate the term CEO’ blog. I’m afraid I didn’t quite get round to that so I apologise.

However whilst I’m sat here now with a cheeky glass of wine and the new Nicholas Sparks book I have decided to write part of the Blog. I can’t really do the day in your life thing at the moment as I’m not at work so il leave that until next time but I can discuss why I don’t like the term CEO.

A CEO is a Chief Executive Officer, responsible for the day to day runnings of a business. So far so innocent hey? Maybe just # the term CEO on Instagram and see what appears.....

A person is generally put in a CEO role by the people who own a company, a board of directors to do all the work they either can’t or don’t want to do. For a company to have a board of directors they are BIG, and I mean BIG. Not a stand alone salon, a startup or even a training academy. A CEO can be fired. If you own your own business, who can fire you? 🤨A CEO is also employed, most owners are self employed if they own their own company. If a rep, for example comes in and you listen to their spiel and want to buy something but have to ‘check’ with someone first....well that IS a CEOs role actually because they would have to check with the CFO ( Chief Financial Officer) they don’t have the power required to give the go ahead.

I get it, it sounds ‘cool’ and looks good on your Insta bio. Unfortunately at the moment it’s cool to be an ‘entrepreneur’ and the term is thrown around relentlessly. I’d be more interested in knowing who the ‘real’ entrepreneurs are, the ones who have sacrificed EVERYTHING for their business and career, relationships, friendships, money and time. The ones who work 18hour days, who have people who rely on them to pay their mortgage. Because I’m telling you now it’s not easy and there will be few and far between.

Once they can’t post the ‘instagram’ lifestyle, how many ‘CEOS’ will be left?

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