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My time at World Lash University

Sorry for the hiatus everyone! It’s been crazy busy at the Academy lately; we have had so many exciting things going on and so many exciting things to come which I cannot wait to tell you about.

Firstly, True Beauty Academy won the Highly Commended award at the English Hair & Beauty Awards North, what a fantastic night! All the team attended, we had such a great night and to get the recognition was so unexpected.

I also had my first article published in April for Pro Beauty Loft Magazine in their Bridal Issue. At the start of the year I made a list of everything I wanted to achieve for my self and the Academy. Receiving recognition for the work the Academy has done and having a published article were on the list and I’m so grateful I can say I’ve achieved them already by May.

This brings me on to not only the Lash event of the ear, but probably THE event of the year.

I first heard about World Lash University last year and I thought it was a fantastic idea, having been to trade shows, training days, awards shows etc I had never been to a conference specifically for the industry before. As the day came closer I was seeing all the amazing, world class names on Instagram who were the speakers and sponsors of the day. So off I went, by myself, to Birmingham at the Belfry Hotel to attend World Lash University.

We were spoilt from the second we walked in. Waiting for us were our own lanyards, goodie bags, notepads, pens and even chocolates to welcome us. The atmosphere was buzzing, we finally got to put faces to names we have only seen on Social Media and interact with each other. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Attending any event by yourself is always daunting but I couldn’t have felt more at ease.

The speakers of the event were out of this world, I learned something from every single person who got up that day. Whether it was the amazing bridging technique developed by Leanne Harber, how to look after your posture by Cheryl Taylor, social media from Jamie at Lashbase or competitions and awards by Cindy Nicholls. We had speakers fly from America, Canada and Russia just to be with us, a huge thankyou to Marina, Shelby and Sadie.

What I was most impressed with was the focus on us as a whole. The entire day focused on not just Lashes but our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing which is just as important as how good our lashes are.

The chosen charity for the event was Stepping Stones, based in Luton that supports the victims of domestic abuse. They do amazing work such as supporting women, therapy sessions and providing hot meals and necessities such as toiletries and nappies. A raffle was held with some FANTASTIC prizes, all proceeds then went to Stepping Stones, over a thousand pounds was raised. Another important campaign we learned about was founded by one of the World Lash University organisers Julie Knight. Behind the Mask is a programme that helps hair and beauty professionals recognise the signs that someone is experiencing domestic abuse. Our clients come to us on a regular basis, we know them inside and out and can normally tell when something is wrong. Its our duty to make sure they are safe, I cannot recommend this campaign enough and encourage all salon owners, therapists, lash artists and educators, EVERYONE to get involved. All our students know how much of an advocate I am for the Holly Guard App, so much so that we now include it in our induction session for our Apprentices.

When it came to the Awards, again we were spoilt by more goody bags and a delicious meal. I won the raffle 3 times! (I think I’m banned next year) and had a great time. A great day made more magical by winning 5 awards……5! (I’m definitely banned next year) If you have ever been to an industry awards show, some – not all, but some can be bias. It may be the heavy hitters in the industry who take everything home, it may be down to how much people have paid for the table. But these awards were judged by a blind panel meaning they didn’t know who was who. It was overwhelming to win so many in such a short space of time. I am so grateful and thankful to the panel for hearing my story and choosing me to take home the award when I’m sure there were so many applicants.( I did a small video about my journey on True Beauty Academy’s IG TV channel should anyone want to hear it) A big thankyou to the ladies on my table during the awards, you were all so nice and sweet. Unfortunately, the industry can get a bad name and seen as bitchy. I didn’t experience that once during the entire event, everyone was willing to help, offer advice and talk about experiences.

I would like to thank Julie Knight, Zoe Miz

on and Katie Godfrey for all the hard work they put in to World Lash University. It was an amazing event, I am so glad I went and can’t wait for the next one. If have realised anything about these ladies, it’s that they will be back bigger and better than this year. I truly believe it will become the go to global event of the year and how cool is it that we can say we attended the first ever one! If you are reading this and didn’t attend then I encourage you to make sure you have your tickets next year, you will learn so much and meet so many new people. Don’t be afraid to go because you work alone or you’re a mobile lash artist, you make friends extremely quickly!

To the class of 2019, Happy Graduation

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